KW 48: Many companies want to increase investments in IIoT because of Covid, Hurdles for the exclusion of Huawei in 5G expansion, Tesla could promote IoT in Germany


Many companies want to increase investments in IIoT because of Covid: According to the study “Industrial IoT in Germany 2021” by IDC, around 40 percent of roughly 250 German companies surveyed want to increase their investments in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) because of Covid-19. In particular, companies are concerned with optimizing processes, says Marco Becker, senior consultant at IDC. With 47 percent, almost half of those surveyed also hope for better and faster decisions based on more accurate data. Edge computing is already running around 42 percent productively or at least as a pilot project. The expansion of the 5G network that is currently in operation plays into the hands of the companies.

Hurdles for the exclusion of Huawei in 5G expansion: A new draft from the German interior ministry for a reform of the IT security law describes the conditions under which a company can be excluded from the expansion of critical infrastructure. The draft stipulates that such a decision can only be made by the entire federal government and not by individual departments. An operator may only be excluded if the public interests prevail. In order to be approved, companies must have their components certified. In Germany in the past few months there have been repeated discussions about the possible participation of the controversial Chinese company Huawei in the expansion of the 5G network. The law also provides for the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) to be better positioned to fight botnets and neglected devices in the IoT.

Shanghai wins Smart City 2020 award: Shanghai has won the 2020 World Smart City Award at the digital edition of the 2020 Smart City Expo World Congress. The Chinese city’s Smart Shanghai – People-Oriented Smart City digital infrastructure project saw it become a “Dual Gigabit” city – achieving full 5G coverage in the downtown area and fiber coverage across 99 percent of the city. Its e-government initiative, an interactive tool for citizens that has over 14.5 million users, also received special commendation from the judges.

Only few companies offer good IIoT platforms: By 2025, around half of industrial companies will use IIoT platforms. At least that is what the market research institute Gartner believes. Currently, only around ten percent use such platforms. Gartner also assumes that in the next five years a quarter of global industrial companies will take over or at least invest in an IIoT provider. At the moment, market researchers identify three providers as “leaders”: PTC, Microsoft and Hitachi. Another 14 providers of IIoT platforms are more niche providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM and Oracle.

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The construction of the 5G network in Europe could generate 200 billion euros – compared to costs of around 50 billion euros.


Companies need to improve IIoT security: Vasgard GmbH, together with the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, carried out a study on the current status of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security in companies. The results show that some of the principles laid down by the BSI in 2013 have already been implemented on a large scale. But there are shortcomings in other aspects. According to the study, the Internet of Things in particular causes problems because it is growing faster than devices can be secured. This can be remedied by a complete and regularly maintained network plan and constantly checked and updated recovery plans.

Tesla could promote IoT in Germany: The construction of Tesla’s Gigafactory in Grünheide in Brandenburg could serve as a catalyst for various startups in the IoT sector. The factory could show what success a high-tech production facility equipped with AI can achieve. In addition to pure inspiration, young companies from the mechanical engineering and IIoT sectors could also benefit from a collaboration with Tesla in the future.

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IoT you can touch on the old Tegel site: When the Tegel airport in Berlin was closed, many people mourned the airport they had come to love. In the future, a research center and a district in the style of a smart city are to be built on the site. Both small and large companies are to be located in the so-called Urban Tech Republic with the aim of researching the pressing questions of the future. The new quarter will accommodate up to 10,000 people whose apartments will be supplied with climate-neutral energy. In addition to topics such as smart mobility, residents will also be able to try out the Internet of Things in everyday life.


„Security risks arise when you believe that off the shelf IoT solutions are sufficient. When it comes to IoT projects, security is always one of the first analysis points. What data do I need, where do I need it and how do I get there: These are the questions that should be asked very seriously.“
Marcus Grausam, CEO of A1, on security risks in the Internet of Things.


Goodbye 3G: The network operator Telefónica wants to switch off 3G earlier than planned. The company plans to release the frequency spectrum for the 4G and 5G standards as early as the end of 2021. Telefónica originally wanted to wait until 2022 with the shutdown. The old standard is hardly used any more. According to the company, around 90 percent of data flows through 4G.

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