KW 41: IoT vital for post-Covid business success, The smart industrial kitchen, Tokyo Stock Exchange paralyzed by hardware glitch


Will the AnIA chip bring a breakthrough? One of the largest research centers for nano- and microelectronics in Europe, Imec, has developed a new chip for particularly energy-efficient artificial intelligence calculations at the edge of the network in cooperation with the semiconductor manufacturer Globalfoundries (GF). The so-called AnIA chip carries out deep neural network calculations directly in SRAM cells. This is intended to achieve good energy efficiency.

Strengthening IoT security measures: In times of hybrid cloud and IoT, security concepts urgently need to be adapted. It is currently too easy for hackers to paralyze a company’s IT or steal data. Employees need to be made aware of this. Particularly the security concepts of cloud environments are increasingly reaching their limits.

IoT vital for post-Covid business success: The Covid-19 pandemic has forced almost all businesses to change their working practices and priorities in a matter of weeks, with more than three-quarters of adopters increasing the pace of internet of things (IoT) projects, according to Vodafone’s 2020 IoT spotlight research.

IoT is all the rage for companies: An increasing number of German companies want to implement IoT projects, according to a survey carried out by analysts at IDC 2019. Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 in particular have driven this trend. 42 percent of the 258 companies surveyed had already implemented IoT projects or were in the process of implementing them, and a further 47 percent planned and evaluated such projects.

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By 2025, 75 percent of the data generated by companies will be processed outside of a traditional centralized data center or the cloud.


The smart industrial kitchen: The professional cooking technology manufacturer MKN knows the challenges of the catering industry and aims to bring more efficiency to professional kitchens and system catering with networked technology solutions. For example, the strict legal hygiene requirements can be better guaranteed with the help of IoT technologies. Digitization doesn’t stop in the kitchen either. In the future, MKN also wants to network other devices such as gas stoves, deep fryers and hot tubs.

From the Internet of Things to the internet of trust: A consistent and sophisticated security concept is indispensable for networked medical technology products. Cyber attacks on medical networks are too dangerous, and above all, can cause life-threatening consequences. Security by Design, Safety by Design, Privacy by Design embody the basics of the Internet of Trust.

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“I don’t think that companies deliberately neglect raising their employees’ awareness of IT security and data protection, but rather that they themselves sometimes lack the awareness themselves. Furthermore, IT security is always an investment that companies often only make when they have an incident to complain about.”
Waldemar Bergstreiser, Head of Channel Germany at security provider Kaspersky, calls for cybersecurity training for both employees and managers.


Tokyo Stock Exchange paralyzed by hardware glitch: Trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange was brought to a complete standstill by a hardware failure for all of Thursday, in the worst-ever outage for the world’s third-largest equity market. The TSE said the glitch was the result of a hardware problem at its “Arrowhead” trading system, and a subsequent failure to switch to a back-up. It caused the first full-day suspension since the exchange switched to all-electronic trading in 1999.

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