KW 37: Tips for data management in the Internet of Things, Japanese towns look to lead world in smart-city tech, Does 5G really make everything smarter?


Tips for data management in the Internet of Things: An increasing number of devices are being networked that generate a lot of data. For companies in particular, IoT data is an important foundation for analyzing business processes and modern methods such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive maintenance. Interoperability, fast data transmission and analysis as well as flexible scalability must be ensured to extract usable data from the wealth of information in the Internet of Things.

Does 5G really make everything smarter? Objects are becoming digital and connected to the internet with the help of the Internet of Things, and 5G technology is an important basis for this. From lightbulbs to coffee makers, headphones, televisions, security systems, wearables, self-driving cars, and more, consumers can connect almost anything. But where are IoT’s sensible limits?

Launch of Daimler Factory 65: With the opening of the Factory 56, Daimler has proven what a new, digital infrastructure with a powerful WLAN and 5G cellular network can look like as a basis for the complete digitization of processes. The factory uses state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 applications – from smart devices to big data algorithms.

The fourth wave – Digital 4.0: Mark Hawtin from GAM Investments believes that the fourth generation digital revolution will bring even more rapid technological changes with it. The next industrial revolution is already in full swing, particularly in the areas of health care, mobility and industry. Driven by IoT, 5G, Big Data and AI, an enormous new wave of innovation will be triggered in all areas of production, said Hawtin.

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Nokia wants to protect campus networks: Nokia’s mission is to accelerate the industry, especially where demanding use cases such as cloud, robotics and autonomous machine processes, high data rates and very short latencies are required. With its 5G standalone solutions, the Digital Automation Cloud, which includes a plug-and-play system with automation functions and modular private wireless, Nokia now has a comprehensive end-to-end portfolio for campus networks. Nokia has more than 180 corporate customers with private campus networks worldwide, including Deutsche Bahn, Lufthansa Technik and Toyota Production Engineering, who are already 5G customers.

Japanese towns look to lead world in smart-city tech: Japan’s regional cities are taking a new approach to smart cities, which use digital technology to improve functionality and livability. In the US and China, which lead the field, people’s distrust of having personal information collected en masse is an obstacle to expanding smart cities. On the other hand, Japan is finding success in taking the opposite tack and making the provision of personal information optional. Data is the lifeblood of smart cities, and new standards are developing in how data is handled.

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Winners of the “Transformative Healthcare Technologies”: The UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said that the six projects that can help transform NHS healthcare delivery have been awarded £32m in government funding under the Transformative Healthcare Technologies for 2050 competition. The winning projects are InlightenUs, emPOWER, NISNEM, COG-MHEAR, Quantum Imaging for Monitoring of Wellbeing and Disease in Communities, and U-care.


“IoT service providers who work with companies in the industrial manufacturing industry focus on product management and the production lifecycle across the board. These providers provide know-how in product design, production and operational optimization, warehousing, logistics, maintenance and other important areas of the value chain.”
Christian Decker, Partner and Head of Smart Manufacturing at ISG in the EMEA region, believes that IoT providers in Germany offer the manufacturing industry extensive manufacturing and industry know-how.


Backdoors left unpatched in MoFi routers: Canadian networking gear vendor MoFi Network has patched only six of ten vulnerabilities that security researchers have reported to the company earlier this year, in May. Unpatched have remained a command injection vulnerability and three hard-coded undocumented backdoor mechanisms, all impacting the company’s line of MOFI4500-4GXeLTE routers.

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